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Heathcote Health’s Community Advisory Committee engages independent community members to provide a voice to the needs of consumers, carers and the community. The Committee currently has three independent members on board and consumers are welcome to approach them to discuss their experiences or feedback regarding Heathcote Health.

Please speak to our Reception staff on 5431 0900 if you wish to make contact with any of our community members


Current Independent Community Members

Jim McKenzie McHarg

As a Heathcote resident for most of his life, Jim has been involved in a number of Community based organisations over the years. Jim is currently a member of the Heathcote Community Capacity Builders group and the Heathcote District Car Club. Previously, Jim was a founding member of the Heathcote Apex club and a member of the Holy Rosary school board. Jim also has government experience having been a Councillor for the Shire of McIvor for 24 years and chairman of the Shire’s planning committee. Currently employed as a part-time maintenance officer at Heathcote Health, Jim enjoys car racing, motor vehicle restoration and is a keen traveller.



Sue Bier

Sue is a retired local business owner who is passionate about the Heathcote community. As a retired Registered Nurse & Midwife, Sue provides input into health care and communication. Sue was a Heathcote Health Board Member, serving two 10-year terms. With her knowledge of governance and business, Sue has also been on a number of other community committees over the years, including the local kindergarten, schools, Cubs, Guides Brownies, Basketball Club, Heathcote Gold’NGrape Festival, CREAC, Climbing Rose Business Network, Heathcote Car Club, Australia Day Committee. In her spare time, Sue loves to read and spend time with her family and friends.