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Heathcote Health Strategic Plan

2021-24 Heathcote Health Strategic Plan

The Heathcote Health 2021-24 Strategic Plan was approved on 6th January 2022 by Deb Sudano (A/Executive Director – North East Health Services, Governance and HealthShare – Victorian Department of Health)

Heathcote Health’s mission statement is:

We strive to provide excellent, sustainable local health care services; continuously seeking service improvements

Heathcote Health’s values are Compassion, Accountability, Respect, Excellence (C.A.R.E.):


Consistently acting with empathy and integrity

We demonstrate compassion by:


Taking responsibility for our decisions and actions

We demonstrate accountability by:


Respecting the rights, beliefs and choice of every individual

We demonstrate respect for others by:


Inspiring and motivating, innovation and achievement

We demonstrate excellence by:

Person Centred Care (PCC) is a philosophical approach to how Heathcote Health provides care to consumers and interacts with other key stakeholders, including our staff. PCC is based on the principles of respect, value of the individual and the need to deliver service in an environment that supports peoples’ physical, emotional, social and psychological needs. PCC is underpinned by a culture of collaboration and partnership and all staff of Heathcote Health are required to adhere to these principles.

Heathcote Health’s first commitment is to the patient experience:

The consumer is at the forefront of everything we do:

In consultation with its community, Heathcote Health has adopted the following five strategic priorities:

The Heathcote Health Strategic Plan 2017 – 2020 rested on the following pillars, which remain current for 2021-24:

These Pillars describe the critical organisational capabilities for Heathcote Health to effectively deliver the communities’ Priorities.

In discussion, we found that community members most highly prioritised the provision of high quality and safe services, and creating specific health services for people who are at risk of poor health.

Note that the strategic priorities have been developed with a primary focus on how Heathcote Health operations can achieve positive health and wellbeing outcomes for the Heathcote and district community.

Heathcote Health Approved Strategic Directions Plan 2021-2024


2018-21 Heathcote Health Strategic Plan

Heathcote Health Approved Strategic Directions Plan 2018-2021