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Heathcote Health’s Community Advisory Committee engages independent community members to provide a voice to the needs of consumers, carers and the community. The Committee currently has three independent members on board and consumers are welcome to approach them to discuss their experiences or feedback regarding Heathcote Health.

Please speak to our Reception staff on 5431 0900 if you wish to make contact with any of our community members

Current Independent Community Members

We Want You

The Heathcote Health Community Advisory (Community Consultation) Committee is seeking expressions of interest from community members to join this group. The Community Advisory Committee provides opportunities for consumers and community members to shape the development and improvement of policy and strategies that influence the way in which services are planned and delivered. An important part of the role is to provide input into ensuring that our patients, residents and clients are provided with excellent care and services by actively pursuing improvement activities to assist in meeting Heathcote Health’s goal of providing “Outstanding Local Care”.

We are seeking people with an interest in the future development of health and aged care services in the Heathcote community across a range of interest areas including medical and urgent care services, aged care, community services, carer support, maternal and child health.

The period of appointment will be for two (2) years with the Committee meeting at least five times per year. Both individuals and representatives of community groups are welcome to apply.
Written applications should be addressed to: Ann Lansberry, Sub-Committee Chair c/o Heathcote Health, 39 Hospital Street, Heathcote 3523. Alternatively, interested community members can register their interest by contacting Heathcote Health Reception in person or via the telephone on 5431 0900.