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Health Staff Recognition Award Program – July 2021

Today we presented our Community Support Workers with the Heathcote Health Staff Recognition Award for the month of July 2021.

This awards program recognises staff members and teams who embody and promote the values of Heathcote Health in their work roles.

The Community Support Workers were nominated by their peers and recognised by the Heathcote Health Operational Management Team for:

  • Going above and beyond for the community.
  • Facing daunting challenges every day without a word of complaint.
  • Backing each other up if one has an issue or needs clarification about anything.
  • Demonstrating our values every day when dealing with the public.
  • Accepting all the extra challenges resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic: doing all the necessary training; wearing PPE while providing care; tirelessly phoning every client before every visit; and without one complaint.
  • Making sure your clients were kept up to date; teaching them how to shop online; picking up groceries from the back door of IGA when necessary.
  • Making packs of activities for our Social Support Group clients; dropping them in to clients; showing them what each other were doing; designing a newsletter so they could kept in touch with each other. 

In the above ways, they demonstrated Care, Accountability, Respect and Compassion, our C.A.R.E values.

We gratefully acknowledge the support they provide to the Heathcote and Districts community.  Their resilience and teamwork is to be commended. 

On behalf of Heathcote Health, we congratulate them on receiving this award and encourage them to keep up the great work. 

The Team were presented with gift voucher and certificate, and invited to contact our Chief Executive Officer (Dan Douglass) directly if there is anything we can do to support them further in this very important work they do so well for the Heathcote and district community.

Heathcote Health Staff Recognition Award – July 2021