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December 2019

This month’s issue looks at being SunSmart. Skin cancer kills nearly 2,00 Australian’s each year – more than the national road toll – and two in three Australians will be diagnosed by the age of 70. The good news is you can cut your risk of skin cancer by using good sun protection. It’s never too late for prevention, whether you’re six months or 60 years old. to learn more click here


The theme for this year is: Volunteer for an Inclusive Future

This is a very special time designated to thank volunteers. There are not enough words to describe how amazed and grateful we are for the dedication, compassion and generosity of the Heathcote Health Volunteer Team.

We also want to recognize the amazing work and commitment of those volunteers who have chosen to help Heathcote Health by volunteering. 

Many of the services we provide, such as Meals On Wheels, could not be done without such incredible volunteer support.

On behalf of Heathcote Health Board of Directors, our Management, our Staff, our residents, our patients and other people who receive our services, I would like to say thank you for your unwavering support and generosity. We truly appreciate that you have joined us in this partnership.