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Join our conversation -Strategic Planning for 2021-2024

October - 19, 2020

Heathcote Health is inviting you to join our conversation regarding Strategic Planning for 2021-2024.

Heathcote Health Strategic Plan 2021-2024

Agenda: Stakeholder consultation workshops

By videoconference:

Monday 19th October 2020:  5.00pm to 6:30pm

Tuesday 20th October 2020: 1.00pm to 2.30pm

Purpose of workshops

These two workshops will provide an opportunity for Heathcote Health’s stakeholders and partners to discuss strategic challenges and opportunities facing the Heathcote community and its health service. Two different times are provided for convenience, and it is not expected that people would attend both meetings unless they wish to.


Ann Lansberry and/or Shonelle McEvoy, Board Director Heathcote Health


Alison Hallahan, Principal Biruu


Running timeDiscussion itemDiscussion lead
10 minsWelcome, background and purpose
Commencement of meeting
30 minsEnvironmental scan
What internal and external factors are impacting Heathcote communities and Heathcote Health at the moment?
How resilient is the community? How can Heathcote Health contribute to good community outcomes?
The SARS Cov-2 pandemic will continue to impact Victoria and Heathcote during the next three year planning period: what have been the particular impacts for Heathcote communities?
Alison Hallahan
20 minsOverview of current strategic goals. Do these goals remain current? What other goals would be useful?
Increase community awareness and engagement
Develop and sustain an effective, motivated, diverse and flexible workforce and be an employer of choice
Services are strategically planned and delivered in line with demographic and health projections
Services are delivered effectively and efficiently
A strategic engagement plan is developed and implemented in line with identified areas for improvement
Good governance decisions are used to guide strategic decision making
Heathcote Health maintains high levels of safety and quality in the delivery of its services.
Alison Hallahan
20 minsResources:
What can stakeholders and partners bring to an ongoing relationship with Heathcote Health for the benefit of the community?
What do stakeholders and partners need from Heathcote Health?
Alison Hallahan
10 minsConclusion and next steps:
Facebook conversation
Reference Group


Heathcote Health Strategic Planning Community Engagement Session 1 – 19th October 2020

Heathcote Health Strategic Planning Community & Stakeholder Consultation session 2 – 20th Oct 2020